What is Migrantninja?

Migrantninja is a website created to provide in-depth and invaluable information to migrants who are just settling in Australia or in the process of applying for their Visas and need some information about this beautiful country. This is done by way of self help eBooks on topics ranging from money to jobs, from schooling to real estate, all in comprehensive editions aimed to provide the reader with all resources to help him Master His Move©

I am NOT a Migration Agent.

I am NOT providing any migration advice.

I am just another migrant who has taken the effort to gather all the information during the process of settling in Australia and has subsequently created products to empower future migrants.

Who is the Migrant Ninja?

That would be me! A Migrant myself, I moved to Australia in 2014 with my beautiful wife on permanent visas.

During the course of our settling-in phase we had to go through the entire process of figuring out the day today living in Australia, from cost of living to applying for jobs to being familiar with taxation, superannuation and many other nuances of life in Australia.

The Migrant Ninja series will cover books to help migrants learn more about the Australian way of living and provide resources and information to help them embrace the new country and its culture in a better fashion.

What is it so different that you are offering?

A personal perspective. An Asian perspective. An unbiased viewpoint.

It has been my observation that there is no single point of reference for getting information about the various aspects of settling in Australia. Most of the websites are either government portals that although offer great content, lack the personal touch. The other side of the spectrum are the websites run by commercial entities, be it Migration Agencies or Recruitment Consultants who always give the impression that migration to Australia is the sure fire way of making all your dreams come true.

But you are offering information based on which city you are living in. How can that be unbiased?

That is not entirely true. When I moved in to Australia, my wife and I backpacked across Australia and we covered most of the cities on the Eastern and Southern Seaboard. You can check out my travel stories at www.theevolvingbackpacker.com

Besides, in my effort to get a balanced view I have consulted fellow migrants and experts across all states.

Any Disclaimer?

Sure is.  All the views presented here are based on my experience and research done over a couple of years. In view of the ever changing nature of the Migration process,it is highly recommended that you check the government websites from time to time and keep abreast of any changes that may affect you.

What type of eBooks are available?

At present I am working on three books – Finances, Career and Employment & Migrating with children and Education system.

The first eBook is now on sale. AUSSIE MIGRANT: MONEY is aimed to be your one stop guide providing information on all matters related to finances – Taxation, Superannuation, Expected Wages, Cost of Living and so much more. Buy Your Copy Now – AUD15$

If there is any specific topic you would be interested in then please do drop in an email and I shall consider adding it in my next blog post or eBook. As a Thank You, I shall offer my next eBook AUSSIE MIGRANT: JOBS free of cost to the first 25 buyers.